Sunday, 27 April 2014

28th Apr 2014: Maidstone Borough Council election: Green Party candidates

Maidstone Green Party is standing a record number of candidates in this year's local election in the Borough. The Party have candidates in 15 of the 18 wards where there are elections.

Robin Kinrade, election agent for Maidstone Green Party: "It is great to know that that most people in the Borough are able to vote for a party that really cares about their future and that has policies that resonate with people.

"We have an excellent chance in Fant Ward where we are within just a handful of votes of winning after the last result of 23% and a winning post of 32%. We also have a superb chance in Headcorn where we got 29% last time and with UKIP splitting the Conservative vote we can take the seat.

"I'm looking forward to an exciting election!"


Green Party Candidates in the 2014 Maidstone Borough Council elections

Allington: David Thompson
Bearsted: Ciaran Oliver
Boxley: Hannah Patton
Bridge: Donna Greenan
East: Jim Shalice
Fant: Stuart Jeffery
Headcorn: Penny Kemp
Heath: Irene Shepherd
High Street: Wendy Lewis
Marden & Yalding: Ian McDonald
North: Derek Eagle
Parkwood: Joan Langrick
Shepway North: Stephen Muggeridge
South: Wendy Hedgecock
Staplehurst: Robin Kinrade

Monday, 14 April 2014

14 Apr 2014: 75 people died in 2010 and almost 7000 pupils are at high risk of lung disease in Maidstone

75 people died in 2010 and almost 7000 pupils are at high risk of lung disease. 12 schools are close to roads that carry over 10,000 vehicles per day based on research by Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East. Research has also shown that living near heavy traffic points can be attributed to 15-30% of new asthma cases in children as well as affecting the development of lung capacity.

Stuart Jeffery, prospective parliamentary candidate for Maidstone and the Weald: "This link between air quality, traffic and health has been understood for a long time by the Greens yet getting clear data from the government has been difficult. Public health data now show that 25,000 people died as a result of air pollution in 2010 from traffic - approximately 5.6% of all deaths.

"Here in Maidstone, in line with the national average, 75 people died as a direct result of poor air quality in 2010 - 5.6% of all deaths. 10 times more people died as a result of air pollution from traffic as died by from vehicle collisions.

"It is long past the point when air pollution from traffic should have been tackled properly. Urgent action is needed including a significant investment in cycling, walking, public transport and local jobs."


School NameNumber of pupils
Loose Infant School271
Loose Junior School362
Brunswick House Primary School420
St Michaels CEI School, Maidstone120
Maplesden Noakes School, The1060
Maidstone Grammar School1273
East Borough Primary School426
St Michaels CEJ School, Maidstone162
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls1265
Invicta Grammar School1220
South Borough Primary School227

Thursday, 3 April 2014

03 Apr 2014: Former Lib Dem candidate defects to the Green Party

A Lib Dem defection to the Green Party has boosted the chances of Maidstone electing its first Green Councillor. The 2012 Lib Dem candidate for Fant Ward in Maidstone, Irene Shepherd, has defected to the Green Party and is supporting Stuart Jeffery to be elected in Fant Ward.

Irene cited the Lib Dem failure to protect the environment as the primary cause of her dissatisfaction with the Lib Dems. Stuart was just 8% from winning the seat last time in 2012 and the Conservatives have been tweeting that the race is between Blue and Green in the Ward[1].

Irene Shepherd: "I am really pleased to have found a party that really cares about the environment and is prepared to do what it takes to protect it. I have been hugely impressed by Caroline Lucas's stand against fracking that has landed her in court and thoroughly disappointed by the Lib Dems backing of it. Fracking is likely to come to parts of Maidstone soon and we must do all we can to stop it. I was also very disappointed over their u-turn regarding nuclear power, an issue that the Greens have consistently opposed.

"I have been very impressed by the local Green Party, their real environmental principles and their leadership to stop the proposed housing on Fant Farm's grade 1 agricultural land. I am really keen to support Stuart's fight to win Fant Ward where he is the front runner in the race."

Stuart Jeffery, Green candidate for Fant Ward: "I am really pleased to welcome Irene to the Green Party! It is very clear that the Lib Dems try to claim environmental principles but they are backing fracking, airport expansion, road expansion and nuclear power - none of which are in anyway green. I'm sure Irene will be an asset to us."