Sunday, 23 March 2014

23rd March 2014: Maidstone councillors' secret voting

Research by Maidstone Green Party has revealed that councillors in Maidstone did not have any 'recorded votes' during 2013. A recorded vote is one where the votes of individual councillors on an formal proposal are noted in the minutes. The local Greens have criticised this and called for all important decisions to have a full record of voting so that the public knows what their councillors are doing.

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: "In a democracy, people need to know what the politicians are actually doing so they can hold them to account. Maidstone's councillors seem to think this is not important and their failure to properly record how they have voted on key decisions last year is a real slap in voters' faces.

"Not recording their votes allows them to say one thing in public while acting differently in meetings. While the council meetings are filmed, anyone wanting to know what happened has hours of footage to wade through. For example, while the Lib Dems publicly claim to want to protect green spaces it is clear from anyone watching last April's council meeting that they voted to allow building on them.

"The public deserves better than this. People continue to be angry at politicians and Maidstone councillors are as much to blame for this as MPs who cheat on expenses. This is clear failure of democracy and one that the Maidstone Greens will reverse."

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