Sunday, 23 March 2014

23rd March 2014: Flooding 3 months on and no action yet

Three months on from the Christmas floods along the River Medway, little has been done by government and Maidstone Greens are demanding action. The Greens are calling for new woodland and marsh land, a ban on floodplain building, action to help people return home and for subways to be finally free of water.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate: "Three months on from the floods and there has been a lot of talk and but no ideas or action from the government. It is time for real action and investment to prevent the worst of the flooding when it next happens.

"People along the Medway need to know that there is a plan and that it is being carried out.

"We need to see urgent investment in new woodland and marsh land. These are key to preventing run off of water into the river. Woodland drains water into the soil 67 times faster than grass land.

"We must ban building on flood plains, just as the Dutch government did 30 years ago. Building more flooding homes will simply cause more misery for more people as their new homes flood. Concreting the land that should be soaking up the water is simply madness.

"And we must help people return to normal life as quickly as possible. The subways remain flooded in the centre of Maidstone and there are still people in Yalding who haven't returned home."

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