Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Housing allocations: turning countryside into concrete - 11th Feb 2014

The draft housing allocations published by Maidstone Borough Council this week have been dubbed as 'turning countryside into concrete' by Maidstone Greens. The Council are proposing 5,100 affordable homes plus 12,000 large houses across the Borough.

Stuart Jeffery: "The plans are horrific, turning countryside in concrete across the Borough. Fant Farm with its Grade 1 agricultural land gets 355 houses built on it, 1,200 houses around Hermitage Lane and nearly 3,000 around Sutton Road.

"Worse still is the low numbers of affordable housing being proposed, just 5,100 out of 17,100. Maidstone urgently needs small affordable homes for families and single people, not 12,000 mansions on our countryside. We believe a figure of around 8,000 affordable homes is needed.

"It is clear that much needed farm land, wood land and other countryside is being sacrificed for huge, unaffordable homes that are simply not needed."




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