Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Don't close Maidstone's play areas - 5th Feb 2014

Maidstone Greens have condemned the proposed closure[1] of 20 play areas in Maidstone deemed 'unimportant' by the council[3] and its surrounding villages and are urging people to write to the council to object. Maidstone has the highest proportion of overweight children at reception school age in the South East, i.e. 24.4% of  4 year olds are overweight[2].

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party campaigner in Fant Ward where one of the closures is proposed: "Roseholme is full of young families that need places such as the play area for their kids. The play area is in urgent need of investment, but that is hardly the fault of the local people, it is simply neglect by the council.

"Maidstone has a real problem with health of our children and restricting their access to play areas will simply make this problem worse. Making parents travel further to a play area will simply mean that fewer children get the exercise they need.

"I will be fighting against the closure of all these important play areas and I urge people to tell the council exactly what they think. The Conservative's plan is ludicrous and damanging, we must stop it."



1. Public Health England
3. The 20 'unimportant' play areas that are likely to close:

Woolley Road, Senacre
Westmorland Cl, Shepway South
Juniper Close, Allington
Franklin Drive, Grove Green
Reinden Grove, Downswood
Riverhead Close, Allington
Somerset Road, Shepway
Whitebeam Drive, Coxheath
Keswick Drive, Allington
Cockpits, Marden
Peverel Drive, Grove Green
Crownfields, Grove Green
Fairhurst Drive, Dean Street
Bedgebury Cl, Vinters Park
Roseholme, Fant
Fountain Park, South
James Street, Town Centre
Shaw Cl, Penenden Heath
Freshland Rd, Queens Rd
Shepherds Gate Dr, Grove Gn

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  1. Unbelievable!! "Unimportant" play areas! At a time when the country comes comes near the the top for the most "unhappy" children in Europe, mix that in with the obesity crisis, the consumerist society, and the lack of investment in the poorer areas of the country, you have the most ridiculous idea from the tories - get rid of some play areas to save money. Instead we could open our eyes and invest in these play areas. Let's expand them into exciting and stimulating play, leisure, sports, and art hubs that children and youths actually want. They could have so many positive social benefits. They could be used for a new social and community centre point for positive interventions and activities. We could actually benefit economically in the long run by investing now. Maxbaxx7