Wednesday, 26 February 2014

27th Feb 2014 - Maidstone's temporary accomodation costs quadruple in five years

The amount that Maidstone Borough Council has spent on providing households with temporary accommodation has quadrupled in the past five year figures revealed by a Freedom of Information request have show. The revelation comes in a week when Kent County Council have decided to end emergency loans to people in crisis.

Stuart Jeffery, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone and the Weald: "I was shocked to see another indication of just how desperate the homelessness situation has become in Maidstone. A four fold increase in placing people in emergency accommodation is staggering.

"Two months ago I spent a night on the street raising money for the winter shelter in Maidstone and I have worked a couple of night shifts at the shelter itself. This gave me a little insight into just how difficult it can be when work disappears, illness starts and support fails to materialise.

"Local and national government are failing people who need it most. Maidstone is not providing enough affordable accommodation and the Coalition government is cutting support for people who need it most. There is a real conspiracy against people in need."


Costs revealed by FOI:
12/13     £440,447
11/12     £364,876
10/11     £172,701
09/10     £119,955
08/09     £111,894

Crisis loan to end:

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