Monday, 13 January 2014

Maidstone subways still flooded 3 weeks later - 13th Jan 2014

Four out of five subways used by pedestrians and cyclists in Maidstone remain closed and flooded nearly three weeks after the floods came, blocking the only cycle path between East and West Maidstone. Kent County Council are unsure when they will be re-opened [1]. Maidstone is the most dangerous place in Kent for pedestrians and cyclists[2].

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Maidstone: "The fact that cyclists are unable to cross from one side of the river to the other safely three weeks after the floods is unbelievable. Pedestrians are taking their lives into their own hands crossing the gyratory by the Broadway Shopping Centre and near Drakes.

"While Kent County Council concentrate on the roads they are once again ignoring the needs of people who do not have cars. Maidstone remains the most dangerous place in Kent for cyclists and pedestrians and it is about time KCC woke up to this."

1. Phone call to Kent Highways 13/1/14
3. Only the subway connecting the High St with the south side of the south bridge is open. The other four are all closed and flooded. Photos taken 13th Jan 2014

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