Sunday, 5 January 2014

Appalled by benefits evictions - 5th Jan 2014

Maidstone Greens have been appalled to hear that Fergus Wilson is evicting 200 households simply because they are on benefits [1] and are calling on him to reconsider. The news comes shortly after the eightfold rise in homelessness in Maidstone was mentioned in a KCC report into the welfare changes[2].

Stuart Jeffery, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone: "In my opinion, Fergus Wilson's action to evict 200 tenants for being in receipt of benefits is immoral and I urge him to reconsider his decision. His portfolio of properties covers Maidstone, which has seen an eight fold rise in homelessness in the past three years and now is sure to rise even higher.

"Discriminating against people in need of benefits is simply wrong and now a further 200 families will be looking for a home because of the combined Conservative and Lib Dem assault on people in need and Mr Wilson's desire to put profit before people.

"There is a very real housing problem in Maidstone and there needs to be positive action taken to rapidly reverse the rise in homelessness."



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