Sunday, 15 December 2013

Disrespectful and demonstrating a complete lack of insight - 15th December 2013

Disrespectful and demonstrating a complete lack of insight is how Maidstone Green Party's Stuart Jeffery has described comments by the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, Jasper Gerard. The comments by the Lib Dem were exposed in the Daily Mail[1] which quoted an email from Jasper Gerard as saying: "My life is now spent knocking on the doors of very old people in Maidstone, not all of whom remember who they are, let alone who they vote for."

Jasper Gerard's comments come on the back of his dismissal of claims of sexual harassment by Lord Renard as a 'clumsy pass' according to the Kent Messenger[2].

Stuart Jeffery, Green Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone and the Weald: "If the reports in the Daily Mail are true then Jasper Gerard should stand down. His remarks are disrespectful and demonstrate a complete lack of insight into some of the difficulties of older age.

"Mr Gerard seems to be refusing to apologise claiming that, once again, his remarks are being taken out of context. Reading the comment, it seems very difficult to understand how they could be made other than in a disrespectful way. This is not the first time that he has claimed that his remarks were out of context.

"Older people should be valued for the depth of their knowledge, experience and wisdom, not denigrated for struggling with dementia. It just goes to prove that the elderly and underprivileged are nothing less than a joke to him as well as to the party and coalition government he represents. We don't mind which party older people choose to vote for provided they are respected."

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