Sunday, 1 September 2013

No need for greenfield house building in Maidstone

2nd September 2013
On the day that Maidstone Borough Council has descended into turmoil about its housing strategy[1], Maidstone Greens have published a report[2] clearly showing the number of homes required over the next 20 years and where they can go. Maidstone Greens have identified enough brownfield sites in the town to meet the future needs without having to build on any green field site.

Maidstone Green Party have also shown that there is a need for around 10,000 more homes over the next 20 years rather than the 14,800 suggested by the Conservatives. The report also shows that these new homes need to be one and two bedroom homes rather than the large executive houses favoured by the Conservatives.

Stuart Jeffery: "Our report uses population forecasts from Kent County Council which clearly demonstrate that the town needs around 10,000 more homes over the next 20 years, a figure far lower than the hyped up one being touted by the Conservative administration.

"Not only do we know that fewer homes are needed but we have demonstrated that there is a need for smaller, more affordable homes in the future rather than the swathes of mansions being proposed by the Conservatives.

"By building affordable homes close to the town centre, residents will have the benefit of easy access to public transport, access to jobs and access to shops. There will be less need for people to own a car, reducing the congestion that building out of town would bring us.

"Our report identifies a range of sites close to the town centre that can be converted to providing enough homes for people in the future without the need for building on farm and woodland. Unlike Maidstone's Tories and Lib Dems, the Greens have not given up on keeping our green fields safe from development."

1. Extraordinary Council meeting to discuss housing:
2. Maidstone Green Party Housing Needs 2013 to 2033

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