Sunday, 14 April 2013

Anger at Library eviction in Maidstone

14th April 2013
Maidstone Greens are calling on Kent County Council to work with a group of young people to find them a place to live after the Council evicted them from the old library in Maidstone on Friday. The group had started to live in the building after it had sat empty and unused for the past year. Stuart Jeffery met with representatives from the group on Sunday and was impressed by their ideas.

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: "This group of young people were putting an unused building to good use as a home but thanks to the actions of the County Council they now have to find somewhere else to live while the building goes back to being empty. They were evicted despite causing no damage and despite the growing problem of homelessness in the town.

"The group are keen to live sustainably, growing food and working for a living, they just need a place where they can do this. Maidstone Library has sat empty for the past year after it was moved out of the town and while it might not be an ideal building, it could help this group.

"Bring unused buildings back into use, especially if it is meeting a real need to meet, such as housing, has to be a good thing. We are therefore calling on Kent County Council to rethink its strategy towards its empty buildings and to carefully consider whether they can be used as homes in either the short or long term."

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