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Where have all the recycling bins gone?

4th December 2012
A recent survey by local Green, Matt White, revealed that recycling bins have now been completely removed from Maidstone's town centre. The move has been criticised by Matt for discouraging recycling, especially at Christmas time. With around half of the existing bins having two compartments, the Greens have called for their quick return and for steps to be taken to ensure that people know that they are for recycling rather than waste.

Matt White, Maidstone Green Party: "I surveyed the town centre last week as I had noticed a fewer recycling bins through the year and  I was shocked to find that all the recycling bins in the town centre have now gone.

"All rubbish thrown away in the town centre now goes straight into the incinerator rather than being recycled. This is an appalling waste of resource and sends a poor message to the people of Maidstone, especially at this time of year.

"Converting bins back to recycling bins would be quick and easy but the council should make it clear that they are for recycling not general waste. The council need to get on with."

Survey of Litter Bins in Maidstone Town Centre

Snapshot taken Sunday 25th November 2012, 3-4pm

For the purposes of this survey the town centre was taken to be:

-       High Street
-       Bank Street
-       Jubilee Square
-       Gabriel’s Hill
-       King Street (to the junction with Wyke Manor Rd)
-       Week Street (to McDonalds Restaurant)
-       Earl Street (to the junction of Pudding Lane)
-       Pudding Lane
-       Market Buildings
-       Rose Yard

The Mall, Royal Star Arcade and Fremlins Walk were not included for the purposes of the survey as the provision of litter bins in these locations do not fall within the remit of the Council, however, it should be noted that there are none at all in The Mall and that none of the 10 bins in Fremlins Walk have provision for recycling nor could currently be adapted to do so.

The bins in the town centre are of two separate designs of similar appearance incorporating an ashtray. One is split into two compartments (D for double) the other is not divided (S for single)

The provision and current location of litter bins:

High Street
-       Maidstone Grill (D)
-       Former Post Office building (D)
-       El comellor (D)
-       Frame & Print (S)
-       Coyotes (D)  
-       Cheltenham & Gloucester (D)
-       Town Hall  (D)
-       Muggletons (D)

Bank Street
-       Town Hall (D)
-       The Sun (D)

Jubilee Square
-       Former Kentish Bank (D)
-       RBS (S)
-       Corals (S)
-       HSBC (D)
-       Seating Area S x 3

Gabriel’s Hill
-       The Roast House (D)
-       The entrance to The Mall (D)
- (D)

King Street
-       Britannia Building Society (S)
-       Costa Coffee (D)
-       The entrance to The Mall (D)

Week Street
-       Mothercare (S)
-       Lloyds TSB (S)
-       Accesorize (S)
-       Phones 4 u (S)
-       Marks & Spencers (D)
-       Poundland (D)
-       Primark (D)
-       Savers (S)
-       Tesco’s Express (S)

Earl Street
-       Seating area (S)
-       Hazlitt Theatre (D)

Pudding Lane
-       None

Market Buildings
-       None

Rose Yard
-       None

Therefore there are 41 litter bins in the town centre of which 20 (48.8%) could easily be adapted for recycling with signage to indicate which compartment to use for recycling and which to use for landfill with minimal impact upon current budgetary limitations

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  1. How RIDICULOUS! Maidstone Borough Council seem to insist on going backwards rather than in the direction that is demanded by higher government authority. As a unit we need to progress to increasing recycling where we can and set a good example to the rest of the Kent contituencies as the County Town. I know for a fact that Ashford are getting closer to meeting their targets, and Maidstone seem insistent on reversing any progress. I for one, am outraged at learning this as it is such a simplistic, cheap and effective way of increasing our recycling and therefore Green aspects to policy. Pull your socks up MBC!

    Ashley Wakeling,