Sunday, 25 November 2012

MP expenses claim for local paper

25th November 2012
Local Greens have been shocked at news that Helen Grant MP claimed the cost of a copy of the Kent Messenger [1]. The weekly paper, which cost just 90p back in January, is one of the main local papers for her constituency and local Greens think that she should want to read for her interest in the local area not as a necessary part of her job. They have stated that she is not fit to be an MP and have repeated calls for her to resign [2].

Stuart Jeffery: "Each week I buy the Kent Messenger. I like to know what is going on in Maidstone and it is a good local paper. As an active member of my community I want to know what is in the paper each week because I want to know what is going on locally.

"I buy the paper with my own money as does almost every other reader of it, except one.

"The idea of claiming for the cost of the local paper as a business expense underlines Mrs Grant's attitude towards both her expenses and her constituency.

"What she did was wrong. It symbolises the worst of everything from the expenses scandal three years ago. It is yet another example of why she is not fit to be an MP. She should resign."


1. On 20th Jan 2012, a claim was submitted for expenses (and was paid) which included 90p for "Local Newspaper costs" / "cost of newspaper which contains column written by MP" - which appears to be for a copy of the Kent Messenger. The claim was from Helen Grant MP for Maidstone and the Weald. There was no claim before this date or since.

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