Sunday, 11 November 2012

Helen Grant should resign as Equalities Minister

11th November 2012
A former opponent to Helen Grant MP has called on her to resign from her post as Equalities Minister. The Green Party's Stuart Jeffery who stood against Ms Grant in the 2010 parliamentary election for Maidstone and the Weald, has claimed that her ministerial work is severely detracting from her presence in the constituency after she admitted that she no longer has time to run a constituency office in the town and appears to no longer have a constituency home there.

He also criticised her for not following employment law. Ms Grant tried to change sick pay entitlement without letting her employee know and then went on to make him redundant simply because the work moved from Maidstone to Westminster.

Stuart Jeffery: "Helen Grant has closed her constituency office in the town because she no longer has time for her constituents. She seems to have stopped living in the constituency, I assume for the same reason.  She also seems to think it quite reasonable to flout employment law by both changing sick pay terms without consultation and then making her assistant redundant simply because she is moving the constituency work to Westminster.

"Maidstone's MP clearly doesn't have time for the people she is supposed to represent and doesn't have the skills needed to be the Equalities Minister. Helen Grant should resign from her ministerial job, and her second job as a solicitor if she still has it, to concentrate on representing the people of Maidstone."


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