Monday, 1 October 2012

Maidstone Council's Manifesto for More Cars

1st October 2012
Maidstone Green Party have responded to the Council's consultation on transport and labelling it the "Maidstone Council's Manifesto for More Cars". They have pointed to the proposed allocations in the draft strategy which would put 75% of the investment, some £29m, into road widening and just 3%, or £1m, into encouraging people to walk or cycle. The Green's submission is available here.

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: "The consultation paper clearly sets out just how fixated the council is on increasing the traffic in the town. Spending 75% of the money widening roads and increasing traffic flows will simply mean more cars, more pollution and ultimately more jams.

"The strategy should be focused on reducing car use through viable alternatives, making the roads safer with schemes like a blanket 20mph limit in residential areas and making walking and cycling a priority. Spending just 3% on cycling and walking won't achieve this.

"Cutting off the residents in St Andrew's Road to ease the traffic of the unnecessary housing sprawl that they have planned for Hermitage Lane is a prime example of the poorly thought through plans.

"This really is Maidstone Council's Manifesto for More Cars and it must not be allowed to become their strategy."

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