Saturday, 25 August 2012

TUC March for the Alternative

28th March 2011
Maidstone Greens were proud to march at Saturday's TUC "March for the Alternative" alongside 400,000 others. Maidstone Green Party Chair, Ian McDonald, and at least seven other members of Maidstone Green Party, joined the TUC's demonstration in London.

Ian McDonald, Chair of Maidstone Green Party: "There were possibly 400,000 participants, with Green Party members from Maidstone and across the UK, marching alongside trade unionists, public sector workers and hundreds of thousands of other people. We were all demanding that the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition abandon their crippling attacks on ordinary people's jobs and incomes, and demanding that the bankers and super rich pay in full for the financial crisis they created.

"The march was overwhelmingly peaceful with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Their common theme: we did not create this crisis, don't make us pay for it!"

Ian McDonald is Chair of Maidstone Green Party and a senior trade unionist

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