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Promises waiting to be broken

I6th April 2011
Maidstone Greens have slammed the local Lib Dems' election statement as promises waiting to be broken. Last week Maidstone Lib Dems issue six promises which have now come under heavy attack by local Greens. The Greens have described the Lib Dems as having lost all credibility and having a local manifesto that will destroy the local economy.

Stuart Jeffery, Fant Ward candidate for Maidstone Greens: "No one believes a word the Lib Dems say now. They had many years running Maidstone Borough Council, so how they can suggest such wide ranging promises, ones that should have been delivered 10 years ago, is beyond me. We have also now seen how they act in national government, breaking promise after elction promise. They have lost all credibility.

"Not only do their pledges sound hollow, but they are framed by a commitment to cut services and jobs that are provided by the council. We think this is immoral and will undermine any effort to revive Maidstone's floundering economy, making their economic pledge meaningless. You can't boost an economy by making people redundant, this is surely basic economics.

"The Lib Dems may talk about protecting the environment, but they have opposed wind turbines across Kent and in Maidstone, they have failed time and time again to reduce congestion in the town, and they have supported road and airport expansion up and down the country. How can they claim any green credentials?

"On the other hand Green Councillors in Huddersfield have insulated tens of thousands of homes and put solar panels on hundreds of council houses, Greens in Oxford, Lancaster and Norwich have delivered 20mph speed limits in resential streets and Greens on the London Assembly ensured millions were invested in public transport and cycling across London. Green Councillors really deliver.

"The only promise that I can see the Lib Dems sticking to is making people redundant, and with their position in the polls plummeting it is clear that people have seem them for what they really are. The Green Party is ready to step up to the mark and has the policies, principle and drive to deliver what people need."

Maidstone Lib Dem statement 28/3/11 Maidstone Lib Dem statement 28/3/11

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