Saturday, 25 August 2012

McDonalds should remove the mosquito

19th July 2011
Maidstone Greens slam McDonalds for adding to a 'full scale assault on hope' for young people by their use of a mosquito outside their Maidstone branch and have called for its immediate removal. They claim that mosquito discriminates against young people and equivalent devices would not be allowed to move other groups on. The Greens also point to the increasing problems that young people are facing and say that the mosquito is adding to what amounts to an assault on hope which includes the rise in tuition fees, cuts to youth services, the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance and high levels of unemployment.

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: "We have been shocked by McDonalds use of the mosquito in Maidstone. This is a device that discriminates against young people but if this was a device for keeping black people, women or the elderly away, McDonalds would rightly be prosecuted, so why should society tolerate discrimination against young people?

"Young people are having a tough enough time at present: 18-24 year olds now account for a quarter of all unemployed people, youth centres are being closed across the county, the government has scrapped the Education Maintenance Allowance and student fees have been trebled. Local and national government have got it in for the young, now it looks like McDonalds has joined them.

"This amounts to a full scale assault on hope for young people. Young people are the future of our society, we should be supporting them not destroying their chances of getting started in life and certainly not discriminating against them as McDonalds are doing."

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