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Greens announce council candidates

4th April 2011

Maidstone Greens will be standing fourteen candidates in next month's local election. The Greens are hoping to capitalise on the decline of the Liberal Democrats and their alignment with the Conservative in national government. Badging themselves as the real opposition to the Conservatives they have high hopes of gaining their first seats on the Council.

Stuart Jeffery, Fant Ward candidate for Maidstone Greens: "Now that the Lib Dems have shown their true blue colours, there is only one party of opposition in Maidstone, the Green Party. The public anger at the ConDem cuts is palpable and unlike the 'big three' we stand resolutely opposed to the cuts especially while the super rich are allowed to avoid tax payments of up to £100bn each year. These cuts are just starting to hit local services, local services that are there to support the poorer and more vulnerable members of society.

"On Maidstone Borough Council we will be calling for the £4m due to be spent on re-paving the High St to be put into public transport infrastructure, to set up a local energy company and to help insulate people's homes. Fuel prices are soaring and hitting people hard, yet local councillors are still refusing to invest in energy production or energy efficiency. Green Councillors in Norfolk have persuded the council to set up an energy company that will provide income for the council and energy for its residents - a scheme that is urgently required in Maidstone.

"As well as investment that starts to meet the needs of people, we need to ramp up the campaign to make our streets safer with 20mph as the default limit on residential streets. We need to support local businesses with planning that favours them and we need to see the introduction of a local rewards card. We need to ensure that most new homes are affordable or for the social housing market, but that our green spaces are protected.

"Our aims are not just radical and affordable, but are exactly what Maidstone needs."

Bearsted: Sarah Goodwin
Bearsted: Ciaran Oliver
Boxley: Penny Kemp
Coxheath: Robin Kinrade
Downswood: Andrew Waldie
East: Caroline Burns
East: Hannah Patton
Fant: Stuart Jeffery
High St: Wendy Lewis
Loose: Denise Hay
Marden: Jim Shalice
North: Derek Eagle
Shepway North: Steve Muggeridge
Staplehurst: Ian McDonald

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