Saturday, 25 August 2012

East Farleigh wind power

9th October 2010
Maidstone Greens are supporting the plan to site a wind turbine at East Farleigh. In a letter to Maidstone Borough Council they state that the model of community ownership being proposed for the turbine and the need for more wind power out weighs any concern about noise and visual impact.

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: "We welcome this application, this type of locally owned renewable power generation is exactly what we should be doing across the country.

"The country is facing an energy crisis and while the government continues to back damaging and unsustainable fossil fuel sources, it is great to see ideas such as the Castle Farm turbine being proposed. Dist Gen and Castle Farm should be congratulated for their forward thinking."


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  1. There shouldn't be ANY opposition to this! Wind turbines are sleeker and more silent than they've ever been. The only arguments against wind power should be to improve domestic systems from companies like WDS Cardiff, to make them as efficient as their bigger cousins on the coast.