Saturday, 25 August 2012

2012 Local Elections

8th April 2012
Maidstone Green Party are standing in 12 wards in this year’s local elections and have a great chance of winning their first seats.
Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: “ This year’s local elections are proving to be the most exciting yet. With Labour not able to shake off their past and outright anger towards the Lib Dems and Conservatives, we are hoping for some great results and our first councillors. In Fant Ward we just need an additional 200 votes to win and in Headcorn Ward it is between the Greens and Conservatives. A Green breakthrough is highly likely this year.
” We are campaigning on core green issues, policies that will save money for people and provide much needed jobs. As fuel bills continue to rise, it is clear that homes need better insulation and people need cheaper alternatives to using their cars. If the council can spend £2m on crazy paving for the High Street, it can spend money on providing free insulation just as other councils have done, and it can improve public transport and cycle lanes.
”Maidstone’s economy is being hit hard by the public sector cuts. We are opposing these cuts which are based on flawed economics by the Coalition. Instead we want to see the green economy being built with jobs building well insulated affordable homes on brown field sites, more public transport and of course jobs for people insulating homes. We want people to earn at least a ‘living wage’ of £8.10 an hour.
”Finally we have to tackle both speeding traffic and congestion. We want 20mph limits on residential roads and we want people to have good alternatives to using their cars.” Candidates:
Bearsted: Ciaran Oliver
Boxley: Andrew Waldie
Bridge: Robin Kinrade
Coxheath: Denise Hay
East: Hannah Patton
Fant: Stuart Jeffery
Headcorn: Penny Kemp
Heath: Jim Shalice
High St: Wendy Lewis
Marden: Ian McDonald
North Downs: Sarah Goodwin
Shepway North: Steve Muggeridge

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